Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A "what if" place....

What if God did not want you to succeed, but to fail? What if in your life God wanted to work on issues of character, and to do that required you remain in a lesser status than even now to which you are used? What if life for you were never to be easy, always flavored with failure to your projects, lack of completion of dreams and goals? What if you never attained to a level of management, and your ventures never succeeded? What if you were never elevated to a position of leadership? What if always you watched other passing you by in every aspect of "practical" life, all for the sake of God developing your character and blessing you in the Heavenly realms - not even with "salvations" notched in your belt?

What if you were constantly scrimping by, never with any comforts supplied, just needs, and even those not out of some stored up resource other than God's daily provision? What if you never had savings, never got vacations, and any delights in material things came from momentary experiences of others possessions - but always you returned to your lesser home, your lesser bed?

What if the good God had for you was only the esteem of your children and others, a strength of character and moral rectitude, a certainty that your basic needs were supplied but also a certainty that is anything was really really needed for you to carry out God's will even that provision would be made available (but only that provision)? What if that Good was a child-like dependence upon Him, knowing the dependability of a Father who supplied needs for His projects (not your projects)? Would you desire after only His projects, and His projects more than your own?

Now what if this were someone else such happened to? What would be your attitude towards them? Would you pity them, or envy them?

The question becomes a simple one: are you seeking now the purposes of God, for this day and for this season in your life, as all which you are seeking? Honestly, there is no other purpose in life, there is nothing else to be had but what God wants for Himself and His Kingdom.

What is one believing on God for, and what is one trying to manage out of God? Is this place not the place in which the birds steal the sower's seed? The place in which one looks into a mirror without seeing, or forgetting their face? The place where one listens without hearing, knowing without doing?

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Bio.

It is a dangerous thing for a writer to get to write his own bio. Scary as well, since some of us writers have to work harder to make ourselves sound as interesting as something else we might write. We may inventively have to begin with some qualifying statement about how dangerous it is for us to write our own bio. If done correctly we drop the fact in that we are writers when we do.

Given that every writer is concerned with the five story elements (character, setting, plot, conflict, theme), and having already nailed down the first element (character), the writer would then need to move on to setting. Here is where some difficulty comes in, since how does one really describe the georgic "ville de nascence" of small town Texas so eloquently as to capture it in it's fullest bucolic (albeit equally mundane) character. Perhaps with an almost blithe tone and word choice, going so far as to use a made-up french expression?

Or then, without having been already garish enough in speech heretofore, avoid sesquipedalian and long-winded accounts of the mere move to the grand and metropolitan town of Texas at such a young age as finds a boy issuance into his first years of elementary school.

And of plot, what ever might that challenged writer include to enthrall his audience? What retellings indeed of cerebral pursuits of a Bachelor's in Philosophy in the hallowed halls of academia; or Dionysian escapades four years ago in the courtship of his Juliet-like spouse.

As per conflict, well, it would be a truly grandiose tale: the quintessentially tell tale of the Herculean struggles of the stay-at-home father (firstly) and free lance writer (secondly), a veritable Mr. Mom for his three and a half year old daughter, and his nine month old son. This quixotic tale would would find its hero standing resolute against Society's preconceptions (of the role both for men and women), resisting the tides of cultural presuppositions in support of his beloved.

Our hero of this scribe's penning might soliloquize as to his great esteem for an officer's intrepidity and pluck, the very mettle and measure of what he seriously finds so admirable in all of those that make up the Thin Blue Line - for the defense of whom our Hero would purpose his days in applying his full prowess of pen. This grit, this true grit and valor and hutzpah, so personified by the officers he admires, might be the sought-after theme, the character to which he aspires to make the piquancy of his writing of his life for his bio.

Or the writer may just state simply that he was born in small town Texas, but moved to big town texas early enough to be an almost-native, went to scollege where he got his Bachelor's in Philosophy, married his spouse in 2007, and is a stay-at-home father for his two children (a girl of three and a half, and a boy of nine months). The writer might also mention he enjoys the opportunity to write whenever he can. His hobbies include: reading, watching really good cop shows, and collecting stuff (newts, salamanders, comics, marbles, and aquarium fish).