Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"On Story" - original piece performed at HopeArts "8 Min. Max""

Last night i met a "writer-man", the recounting of his ideas for his stories made it clear: this man was a storyteller. As he told the story of his stories, it was a rapt attention I experienced. His passion, his heart-felt love and gratitude towards God came through in the explication of the narrative, as if the narrative was merely garb for the personage of the Spirit in that moment. So much so was this the case that the story, when read (and married to the story heard) was a union, a marriage, a synthesis of three to one, and into a greater whole.

In writing there is a discursive dialectic interactively held between the reader, the writer, and the written; it is not only a one way conversation held between the work and writer, characterized by some obdurate refusal to provide malleability to the hearer's immediacy on the part of the writer . The hearer is not left, like an intellectual surgeon forced to perform deconstructive brain surgery (oft times in the dark with a butter knife and baggy clips as tools) on a patient whom refuses to respond: a near cadaver-like text.

Story, Narrative, bridge a gap, a distance between ourselves and History, situating us within Context. The storyteller does not so much pour out the intoxicating liquor of mythos / pathos / ethos, titillating ego and superego with innebriating self agrandisements in the parlamce of humanities. No. The storyteller reflects God through a worship in Narrative. The storyteller brings out the person of Christ in our experience, chelating our lives with the divine, the coordinated bond of life to words, of living to narrative and story. The author crafts a parable made universal which he coalesces with a seed crystal of the venerable and immutable personage of Christ actively loving and accepting every man's need and desire for Him our Saviour from out of the supersaturated fluids of purgatorial subjectivity.

Man craves his own story to be told, narrated, while men and women crave to write, narrating the context of his story in one greater, about one greater. At the end of a story is the end of the Story, every story's beginning sublimates all of us into the Wonder and Possibility offered His story's narrative beginning.