Saturday, January 5, 2013

a Post to Readers - future, past, or present

I hate the Blogosphere, and really this is something of an ironic statement - given that, obviously, I am blogging about my distaste. My issues with the Blogosphere actually have little with the Blogosphere. Come on, let's face it, without the Blogosphere we would not have had Rathergate, nor Climategate, nor any number of great and cool sites upon which we while away our time. Heaven knows it has provided me countless sources for indulging my nostalgia-driven fiending for classic 70's and 80's tv shows, cartoons, and pictures of toys I invariably wish I had still kept in the package. No, my issues with the Blogosphere have to do with the fact that, if I am to survive in its world, then I must learn its ways. First and foremost this means consistency in posting. Next, this survival means having a target audience, something like that of, say, blogging soccer moms reading my posts trying to understand those random stay at home dads they encounter. Thirdly I have to obey the rules and norms and strategies. Lastly, I have to be hip. In short, could I say blogging makes me feel my age and growing irrelevance? Nah. See, I want to write, to be a writer, much so in the classic sense of what being a writer means. I don't necessarily want to be a blogger, as say my wife is. My wife is a great mommy blogger, or was for a while. She had fans even. She irked me for that very reason. Blogging for a lot of folks is a job. (Granted, for some it is a job because they are unemployed and blogging helps them feel like they are producing.) And since blogging is a job it is something they (you know, that amorphous and loosely identified "they") normally have something to write about, even if it is only the woes of being unemployed. I don't have anything to write about, no theme or target subject, and I highly doubt many would continue reading after reading a few posts about how I have nothing to write. I don't feel some over-arching ache to bear my soul in the din of the electronic crowds all clamouring to bear their soul and have a voice. I just want to write. And I don't want to write and share good stuff some random high schooler is going to pilfer for their Junior year poetry project. But why would I not want to be among the cloud of writers (and that is not the Cloud from which your syncing occurs, but the mass of those writing)? That is why I really hate the Blogosphere: because I love it, I love being in the presence of writers writing while I write. So, if I have to tell some story just to keep the ole blog roll growing, or to maintain a consistent readership, why not? At the end of the day, it is all like what my blog description says about this effort: it is an effort to hone craft, to have an intellectual living room. Maybe, just maybe, I'll "have some guests over" to spur the writing, and some good riffing will go on here. I'll be satisfied just to keep this thing up and running.