Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's all about blessing others...

So, this post is layered, and so it's intent. What's the point? Well, that is what you take away from the story. I only ask, or preface, or caveat with this, and that is please don't be quick to judge, dismiss, or presume; give me the benefit of the doubt.

Well, it is my "mommy's day out" as a stay-at-home dad, and I went to the gym. See, I've gotten back into working out again, as an effort to honor my mother and father, since my mother told me not to get fat, but i did, get fat.

So I hit, and hit it hard. At one point I notice a young soon-to-be-mother working out in some proximity to me. Now, me, I'll talk to any random stranger, just out of the blue no fear drop of a hat launch into conversation. Undaunted some of my buddies might describe me. Annoying my children may describe it, well, no, they do describe me thus. 

Which, that fact of how I am described, is funny, because all this past  weekend long at the Church's Leader's Retreat I wandered around scared to talk to anyone I knew, all of whom were arguably safe people to talk to -- I mean, i looked aimless, uncomfortable. Now, I didn't talk to the young soon-to-be-mom in the gym because I don't talk to people in the gym. I keep my head down, literally, down, as I walk to and from a bench or water fountain. I keep my sock beanie pulled down almost over my eyebrows. I'll talk to anyone but I am not going to be that guy that bothers women in the gym.

So I start heading out to the car, and that little tweak in my soul, that little something, and I knew God had something for me. Well, so, I prayed, and thought what I wanted to do was go back back in and prayer a blessing on that little mom-to-be. Sure enough, I sat in the car and rehearsed it, but I rehearsed it with intentionality. Intentionality is something new I am trying. Kinda like rocking back and forth before laying down at the declined bench press before a set.

Well, I look around and sure enough she is on the ellipticals Freaking great, right?" I just did a leg work out last Thursday or Friday and haven't been able to bend my legs, and hardly more able to walk since, and ITS CARDIO for the love of goodness!

I start off on the stair-conveyor-belt machine, i think designed for torture by some self-hating medieval monk, because I didn't know how to approach her. After 5 minutes, a bucket of sweat and jello for legs I decide if she left and I hopped off I would look like a creepy creeper following her so I picked the elliptical next to her and asked her, very honestly, how to make it work. No artifice in that approach.

I asked her when she was due, and then came the big, "Hey, do you mind if I pray a blessing for your baby and family?" I botched around jokingly about not being weird in how I did it.

You would have thought I had asked to give her a million dollars.She consented, almost euphoric. So I prayed, mostly what I had rehearsed in the car, but which I genuinely felt the Lord wanted to bless her with, and then a little more. I had to stop a few times because I can't do the elliptical and pray and the same time, heck I couldn't even talk and do it afterwards.

Turns out she had just moved from Houston area, and had been praying the day before for God to give her strength (which, HA, is exactly what I had rehearsed in the car and felt so serious about praying). She thanked me repeatedly, and maybe I didn't show I received the thanks, and that is a common problem for me, but I did thank her for letting me pray for her, and chit chatted about how the area was and how I came in on Mondays and Wednesdays if she wanted a contact. I didn't feel I needed to do more than pray, and didn't want to go further and make it awkward for her, leaving the door open for the future interactions.

Take away is that the Lord indeed set a table before me, and I had fare that this world knows not of, and that is doing the work of my Father who sent me (as He sent my Lord Jesus). The Lord is good.