Monday, April 13, 2015

This is a post about "Honor" -- specifically a son's honor of his father.

My precious sister-in-law, came through town and took my children out to a movie and some treaty food afterwards. My son was feeling loved.

My relationship with my son has been actually growing a bit deeper of late. I think because of these two facts my son was overflowing with a sincere, honest desire to love me.

Now, recently I gave my son my entire collection of GI Joe's. Along with that I had ordered what I am fairly certain was a piece missing from his favorite vehicle (the SnowCat). He was touched, really.

Tonight he asked me what my favorite figure and vehicle were. I told him it was likely Gunner or Road Block, and this jeep (both of which were my first actual GI Joe's). He then with certitude  gave me these things as gifts.

In the moment, as a father, I knew I needed to receive these gifts, as the honor he intended them to be. All that a 5 and a 1/2 year old heart could muster was wrapped up in that gesture. To not have received them would have been tantamount to cruelty, nothing less.

Now, I am fairly certain my son has a calling into the armed forces or military service, maybe law enforcement. This collection of toys represent a sort of prophetic foreshadowing element to his life, and therefore, imo,  the gifting of these particular, specific toys strike me as a reminder, perhaps ... maybe... or maybe I am just grasping at deeper meanings, but if I am then so be it I am, so here, there... Where was I?yes.

This gift and those toys, well, they strike me as a reminder that, if he does follow that particular calling then he is going to be giving me a similar gift: that gift of his life and safety and a chance at watching his own children grow. He will risk all for my safety and freedom (as well as everyone else's), and it will be just as much a gift.

Tonight I have friends, loved ones, my wife even, and mere acquaintances as well, all brothers and sisters merely by virtue of their calling and my marriage into the lifestyle of the family in blue, All of them honoring me now with a similar sacrifice as my son might one day honor me. They honor me as they might have (as sons and daughters) honored their fathers. But all this to say, one day, my son will honor me again.

There is no kitsch here. No emotionalism. I have no metaphor to draw from this, nor any polemic about Law Enforcement. Right now I am just a father, touched by my son giving to his father something most prized by him, my son. Maybe I am dwelling on the odd relationship, like the relationship of concavity and convexity, between sacrifice and honor.

I do think there are points to be made, but again, I am right now no more than a father honored. And if I were to draw any more meaning from this maybe it would be that I hope I would stay in this place of admiration of my son and his heart. As for honor, I might draw forth the conclusion that honoring others is good to do, and to do more frequently as best we can.

Maybe I am likewise touched by the notion that the honor is reflected in the amount of the treasured value of the things sacrificed as being less than the value of the one to whom that sacrifice is made... and that we daily forget that fact, but shouldn't. I would like to live remembering that fact daily.

Who shall we Honor today, and how? A question for every day.